Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is “Aramex It Forward” ?

A social initiative offering people a chance to move shipments from one place to another, to do good; powered by each other and supported by Aramex.

  1. How to participate in the “Aramex It Forward” initiative?
  • Interested individuals need to post on Twitter and Facebook in order to participate.
  • Posts should include what they want to ship, the cities they want to ship from and to, and the main purpose behind this step.
  • Post must include both hashtags #AramexItForward and #Entry.
  • On Twitter, entrants need to have an active, non-protected account that follows @aramex account
  • On Facebook, entrants needs to post a comment under the “Aramex It Forward” post, or directly on the Aramex official page

 Example: “I want to ship books from London to Jordan for the Syrian refugees in Jordan to build a library #AramexItForward  #Entry

  1. Can I ship from any city to any city in the world?

A presence of an Aramex office in both cities is required, check this link for details on Aramex offices around the world:

  1. What items can be shipped through “Aramex It Forward”?

All shipments have to comply with the International Shipping Rules and Regulations, and to comply with Aramex’s Shipping Rules and Regulations.

To know more, please follow this link:

  1. Will Aramex clear the shipments on behalf of the winner?

Winner will be responsible for all documentations related to shipping clearance and to confirm obtaining all required clearances before proceeding with shipping.

Aramex may clear the shipment on behalf of winner if all documentations are provided by winner.

  1. What initiatives will the Aramex It Forward give priority to?

Priority will be given to entries that are focused on efforts within the following areas:

  1. Education & Youth empowerment
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Environment
  4. Disaster Relief
  1. How many winners will be selected?

Aramex will be selecting one winner every month. Aramex may dismiss selection for any given month if none of the entries meet the qualifications to win.

  1. Can entrants submit more than one entry?

Each individual can submit one entry per month.

In case of multiple entries received from the same account within the same period, only the first entry will be considered.

If individuals submit entries from different accounts, their entries will be dismissed.

  1. What is the weight limit for shipping under “Aramex It Forward”?

The weight limit depends on the shipping method, and the ceiling of the shipping charges by Aramex is US $3000.