July ’17 winner –  You Able Onlus

You Able Onlus is an international Non-profit Organization committed to improving the quality of lives of people with a disability by providing rehabilitation services, both in Italy and abroad. They support victims of wars, natural disasters or other emergency situations. This month, Aramex will be providing supporting You Able Onlus with the shipping of Prosthetic legs from Italy to children in Jordan.


June ’17 Winner – Roundtable Global

We are excited to be selecting Bassem Bana, RoundTable Global Change Ambassador, as our June winner for Aramex It Forward.

Bassem Bana is a social activist and Change Ambassador with RoundTable Global, an organization that is passionate about going beyond sustainability, increasing awareness and contributing towards making the world a more inclusive and balanced place to live, through Educational Reform, Environment Rejuvenation & Empowerment. Bassem and his colleagues will be shipping Laptops and iPads with Aramex, from Dubai to Ethiopia to support an NGO high school in Addis Ababa that Inspire, nurture and develop young women and men that come from underserved urban and rural areas to be leaders in their communities.


March ’17 Winner – Friends of Students

Friends of Students is an initiative established by a group of women in Jordan. The initiative aims to provide students with essential items such as clothes, shoes and school supplies. Friends of Students hopes to decrease the number of students dropping out of schools due to poverty. As winners of Aramex It Forward’s March round, Aramex will be supporting “Friends of Students” in the delivery of packages to Schools across Jordan.


February ’17 Winner – Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) founded TechEd, an educational program that will allow children previously cared for by the PCRF to explore their interest in technology and strive for a brighter future. The TechEd Program extends PCRF’s impact beyond medical aid by opening the door to knowledge and opportunity. The TechEd program provides children an introduction to technology by building their own computer using Kano Computer Kits. By winning Aramex It Forward’s February round, PCRF will be receiving free shipping of the computer kits from the United States to Palestine.


 January ’17 Winner – Maria Cristina Foundation

Maria Cristina Foundation’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty through quality education. All proceeds from the sale of Maria Cristina’s book will go to the Maria Cristina Foundation to support the education of children living in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Aramex It Forward will support in shipping the books on behalf of the Maria Cristina Foundation, which will in turn will help raise more funds to educate more children.


November ’16 Winner – We Love Reading

We Love Reading is an initiative that aims to establish a library in every neighborhood by training individuals to read out loud to children from ages 4-10. To help bring up a generation that loves to read, Dr. Rana Dajani has worked with her team since 2006 and were able to train more than 2000 volunteers to read loudly to children. The ‘We Love Reading’ libraries can be found in more than 27 countries around the world such as Turkey, Ethiopia, and Algeria.


August ’16 Winner – Paola Biocca Center

Paola Biocca is a rehabilitation center focusing on assisting victims who have lost their limbs due to incidents such as landmines, war, disease, accidents and other events that have affected the mobility of their lower limbs. This month, Aramex will be providing free shipping services to the Paola Biocca center from Italy to Jordan. We are honored to work with such an inspiring organization.


June ’16 Winner – Zehra Fattah

Zehra believes that education is the key for a better tomorrow. Last spring, she visited a Primary School in Zanzibar with a group of friends. The group decided to collect donations to support the children of the school after seeing the poor conditions they are living in. Aramex will be shipping school supplies and clothes that were collected by Zehra and her group in Dubai, and ship them to the school children in Zanzibar.

ZehraGarden June 2016 (2)

May ’16 Winner – Threadies

Threadies were selected as our winners for May. Threadies. Threadies is a Social Enterprise dedicated towards restoring comfort and imagination to children. They create stuffed animals that are specially built for Children in refugee camps. We are shipping their stuffed toys from Palestine to the Children in the refugee camps in Turkey.

threadies 2 (2)

April ’16 Winner – Karam Foundation

For April, we selected The Karam Foundation, an organization supporting Syrian women who make beautiful hand embroidered soap in Syria. We’ll be shipping these products to the US on their behalf.

Karam Foundation